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Team Profile: Citizens Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood

In 2017, a group of a dozen volunteers came together to form Citizens Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood (CASE). CASE is a nonpartisan group of Englewood, Colorado residents who work with City Council members and residents on cleaner energy, sustainable land use, waste reduction, and financial responsibility. Englewood is a community of about 34,000 south of Denver. 

In 2018, this volunteer group got off to a strong start with three quick wins. CASE encouraged and helped push the City to:

  • Calculate the City's 2017 baseline greenhouse gas emission levels.  
  • Move forward with a project to recapture biogas waste from the water treatment plant to be used as an energy source, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. 
  • Purchase 40% of its municipal electricity from renewable sources through Xcel Energy's Renewable Connect program. This reduced emissions and provided a cost savings to the City.

In 2019, CASE continued and expanded initiatives:

  • Spearheaded the planning and design of a pollinator-friendly demonstration garden in Englewood with beautiful, native low-water plants and flowers. 
  • Worked with state Representative Meg Froelich to launch, support and pass a new law in Colorado setting minimum energy- and water-saving standards for 15 different commercial and residential appliances.
  • Helped pass a Colorado law improving local building energy codes, ensuring that new homes and buildings are efficient, healthy and resilient.
  • Helped get "Sustainable Natural Environment" added to the goals in the Englewood strategic plan.
  • Regularly contribute sustainability articles published in the Englewood Citizen, the quarterly magazine delivered to every deliverable mailing address in Englewood.

Talking Trash

With several wins under its belt, CASE is now taking on the issue of the trash hauling system in Englewood. Currently, residents choose any trash hauler they want. The result is many more trucks traversing the roads and quaint dirt alleys, with no guarantee of recycling services.

CASE and other groups are promoting the solution of a single-hauler system. This would be a change in that instead of individual residents choosing companies, the city would contract with one vendor who would provide service to all residential properties in Englewood.

A single-hauler system results in one truck going down the street each week for pick up, instead of several.

CASE is in favor of the change because it means less wear and tear on the roads, less air pollution, and less noise. In addition, the single-hauler system is likely to be less expensive for residents, and include recycling.

CASE is encouraging residents to contact their city council members and encourage them to support a single-hauler trash system.  

Residents can also provide feedback via the trash collection survey and attend public comment sessions at Englewood's Talking Trash webpage. 

Joan Gregerson