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Team Profile: Sustainable Wheat Ridge

Sustainable Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a community of 30,000 northwest of Denver. In 2017, Wheat Ridge Mayor Joyce Jay put out a call for applications to start a new volunteer committee. Joy Opp is Co-Chair of the Sustainable Wheat Ridge committee. 

In the first year, the committee developed an Action Plan.  Council "accepted" the plan without any formal commitments, but has been very agreeable to committee projects. 

As of October 2019, highlights of the Sustainable Wheat Ridge initiative include:

  • Developed logos and branding
  • Tree planting
  • Rain Barrel Kit giveaway 
  • Developed a Green Business Recognition program
  • City hired half-time Coordinator to begin January 2020
  • Developing a Wheat Ridge Sustainable Neighborhoods program
  • Received a Charge Ahead Colorado grant 
  • EV added to city fleet
  • Partners in Energy conservation kit giveaway and energy audit signup

By participating in Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy program, Sustainable Wheat Ridge tables at local events to promote energy audits. Wheat Ridge residents were offered a limited-time offer of $200 worth of energy-saving help in a 2-hour visit from Xcel Energy's Home Energy Squad for just $25. 

Sustainable Wheat Ridge members tabled at city events to promote energy efficiency and home energy audits, in partnership with Xcel Energy

Moving forward, Sustainable Wheat Ridge continues and expands into 2020 with:

  • Launching a Sustainable Neighborhoods program and hiring a Sustainable Network Coordinator
  • Hosting quarterly Community Engagement Sustainability Events
  • Launching the Garden in a Box program for xeric plants with Resource Central and Denver Water
  • Planning a 2020 Earth Day event to support the goal of 1 billion acts of green for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
  • Applying for the Partners in Places grant
  • Urban Prairie project
  • Private compost collection service, Scraps, is expanding to Wheat Ridge. Wheat Ridge businesses and residents will soon be able to contract directly with Scraps for bicycle-powered compost collection. 


Citizens Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood (CASE)

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