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090: How to Confidently Present about Climate Change
Join us for a session with three Climate Reality Leaders who can help you get your first presentation off the[...]
089: The Incredible Power of the Action Plan
Have you wondered why you can't get people interested in your project? Are you not sure what to focus on[...]
088: Inside the Climate Action Challenge Portal
Wondering what it would be like to be able to chat with friends from around the world who are all[...]
087: Get Out the Environmental Vote
Jim Sandoe and Max Sano of Citizens Climate Lobby Lancaster PA talk about resources for getting out the vote! Start[...]
086: Rabiu Dannakabu – Plant-for-the-Planet
Join me to hear from Rabiu Dannakabu, President and CEO for Plant-for-the-Planet Ghana. to make a difference? Join the 2020[...]
085: My Love Letter to You: Climate Action Challenge
Your love letter is ready! I've been thinking about you and writing to you for the past few months. The[...]
084: Michael Alcazar, One Million Trees for Colorado
Green Team Academy Podcast LiveEpisode 84Join us to find out how you can be part of the One Million Trees[...]
083: Compost, Soil, and Community
Find out how Brianna Hallinan, Sustainable Broomfield, and Shannon Bean-Scalise, Hugelrado Farms are launching innovative composting projects in two Colorado[...]
082: Mentor with the 2020 International Climate Action Challenge
We have a bold vision! We are helping launch 1,000 eco-initiatives in 90 days. To make that happen, we're forming[...]
081: What I Learned from Mr. Beast and Russell Brunson
Why start from scratch? Ever! My goal for you is that you start 90% of the way up the learning[...]
080: How to Get 100 Amazing Partners for Your Project
Many people struggle to get the support and reach they need to make an impact with their team. But it[...]
078: Eco-Cycle Zero Waste Video Series & Initiatives
Tune in for my interview with Jasmin Barco of Eco-Cycle to hear about a video series to help answer your[...]
076: Reducing Dining Waste with the PlasticScore App
Does it irk you to order food, but then get 'accidental' plastic?Tune in for my interview with Mladen Gajic, Co-founder[...]
079: Author Interview, Jerry Yudelson
Tune in for my interview with author, Jerry Yudelson and hear about his eco-spiritual memoir, The Godfather of Green. Released on[...]
075: The Magic of Meetings
Many teams struggle to have an impact due to one simple thing. They're not having regular meetings. Are you facing[...]
074: Rewriting Planet of the Humans
What was Michael Moore trying to do by dropping the film Planet of the Humans on the eve of the[...]
073: Elena Magnie – Kids Can Make a Difference Song
Tune in for a live performance by 10-year-old Elena Magnie. Elena debuts her new song, Kids Can Make a Difference.[...]
072: Wild Rhythms and Personal Resilience
We are going through an unprecedented rapid shift due to the sudden spread of the novel coronavirus. Massive change, plus[...]
071: How to Use Zoom Meetings to Stay Connected
Suddenly, we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. If you were used to meeting in person, you now[...]
070: Find the Green Job of Your Dreams with Lisa Yee-Litzenberg, Green Career Advisor
Are you spending tons of time working for the planet, but not getting paid for it? Or maybe you can't[...]
Green Team Accelerator Lab honored with 2019 Love This Place Award (photos and video)
We won! The Green Team Accelerator Lab was recognized as one of five Love This Place Award winners at the[...]
069: Lesly Baesens – Reducing Food Waste in Denver Restaurants and At Home
Throwing food away is the most heartbreaking waste of all. In this episode, Lesly Baesens, Denver Department of Health &[...]
068: Gardening for All with Kristina Welch, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st
Kristina Welch, Executive Director of the Denver-based nonprofit, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st, shares how they are growing[...]
067: Ean Thomas Tafoya – Environmental Justice Changemaker
Meet community organizer and environmental and social justice advocate, Ean Thomas Tafoya of Denver, Colorado. This episode is a mash-up[...]
Partner Profile: Eco-Cycle’s Denver Waste Diversion Campaign
Taking on Waste Diversion in DenverEco-Cycle was founded in 1976 by residents who worked together to bring curbside recycling to[...]
Team Profile: Citizens Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood
In 2017, a group of a dozen volunteers came together to form Citizens Alliance for a Sustainable Englewood (CASE). CASE[...]
Team Profile: Sustainable Wheat Ridge
Sustainable Wheat RidgeWheat Ridge, Colorado is a community of 30,000 northwest of Denver. In 2017, Wheat Ridge Mayor Joyce Jay[...]
066: Environmental Policymaking: How to Change the Rules of the Game
To be a changemaker, we need to know how to operate on all levels of the engagement ladder, from personal[...]
065: Important Actions for Protecting People and Pollinators
Pollinators are the nearly-invisible workforce that keeps our ecosystems functioning. Tune in to hear how anyone and everyone can make[...]
064: International Coastal Cleanup Day with Dann Diez
Litter that begins anywhere can end up impacting the health of our oceans. Tune in to hear my interview with[...]
063: Bakhita Garden – St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Parish
Tune in for a video tour of the Bakhita Garden, St. Ignatius Loyola's community garden. The purpose of the garden[...]
062: Lakewood High School Environmental Club
Tune in to hear my interview with high school juniors who are growing the Lakewood High School Environmental Club:Amanda Opp,[...]
061: Los Angeles Youth Climate Strike with Jesus Villalba Gastelum
At age 16, high school student Jesus Villalba Gastelum shares what he and other youth leaders are organizing the September[...]
060: Tara Tull – Denver Compost Challenge
Composting rocks! Tune in for my interview with Tara Tull, one of the coordinators of the 2019 Denver Compost Challenge.[...]
059: Alhassan Sesay, Sierra Leone School Green Club
Tune in to hear my interview with the founder of the Sierra Leone School Green Club. We talk about how[...]
058: Don’t Give Up on Transformative Change
If you go into your office every day, it looks pretty similar. But, if you hike the same place throughout[...]
057: Anese Forsyth, Teacher & Recycling Ambassador in Odessa, TX
Tune in to hear my interview with second-grade teacher Anese Forsyth. Learn how Anese started recycling in her 2nd grade[...]
056: Vann Fussell: Compost Colorado
Tune in to find out how a Denver, Colorado entrepreneur is putting some zing into residential and commercial composting pick-up!Vann[...]
055: Becky Migas: Pro Tips for Epic Zero Waste Events
It's summertime and that means outdoor festivals, food and fun... and more often than not, a ton of waste! :(Tune[...]
054: Rose Thomas & Green Valley Ranch Farmers Market
Some communities have loads of grocery stores and Farmers Markets options, while others have little to none. Rose Thomas noticed[...]
053: Ben Kerchner with Styrofoam Stoppers
Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts! South Lakewood Elementary School "Styrofoam Stoppers" As part of Cris Sorency's literacy[...]
052: Creativity vs Control: Be More Effective and Struggle Less
What is the right balance between creativity and control? How can you use both to make a bigger impact and[...]
051: The 3 Secrets for Unblocking Your Creativity with “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron
Discover how to live a life of purpose and passion by unblocking your creativity with the book "The Artist's Way"[...]
050: Quickly Building an International Climate Action Network with Daniel Gbujie, Team 54 Project
Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan GregersonEpisode 50 with Daniel Gbujie, Team 54 ProjectListen here or on the Green Team[...]
049: 2019 Earth Week Virtual Summit
Episode 049: 2019 Earth Week Virtual Summit OverviewGet a tour of the 2019 Earth Week Virtual Summit! What is it?Originally[...]
048: Greta Thunberg & School Strike for the Climate
Greta Thunberg's life story so far is a profound example of how to be effective. See links and videos below[...]
047: Frank Holzman on a Spiritual Approach to Gardening
Have you dreamed of starting a community garden in your neighborhood, school, faith community or business? Skip past the common[...]
046: How to Talk about Eating Meat
We've all seen the data about how many more resources it takes to produce food based on animals, compared to[...]
045: Ladder of Engagement – The Key to Societal Transformation
* NOTE: I'm working with my podcast hosting service to resolve slow loading in some browsers. Please take a few[...]
044: Elena Magnie is Raising Awareness about Plastic Pollution
​Meet 8-year-old Elena who is raising awareness about plastic pollution, from her home on St. John Island in the Virgin[...]
043: Parenting Priorities and 1.2% of Your Life
​There are seemingly endless demands on a parent's time. But like everyone, parents have 168 hours per week. How do[...]
042: Spirituality & Recovery: What 12-Step Programs and Green Teams Have in Common
​Recently, I've been waking up to participate in a daily phone call for a 12-step program related to personal finance[...]
041: Interview with St. Ignatius Loyola Care for Our Common Home
​Have you wondered if your faith community could start a Green Team? Tune in to hear from Mary Ellen Buning[...]
040: Your Epiphany Bridge Story (from Russell Brunson)
​If you start by telling someone a solution, you're going to get nowhere. Instead, start with an "Epiphany Bridge Story".[...]
039: Are You the “Green Sheep” of the Family?
​​​Recently, my mild-mannered teacher friend went on a major rant about "red plastic cups." Listen in to find out why. ​If[...]
038: Green New Deal
Join us for a look at the Green New Deal and what you can do to make it happen, in[...]
035: A Day of Gratitude and Mourning, with Native American Wisdom
Not all Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Many Native Americans mark the fourth Thursday of November as a National Day of Mourning.[...]
036: 2019 Denver Green Team Accelerator Lab
I'm bustling about getting ready for the 2018 Sustainable Denver Summit where Green Team Academy is an exhibitor. Today's episode[...]
037: Holiday Prep… It’s Not What You Think
This holiday, and every holiday season from now on, think about holi-days and what is holy? What is sacred? Life[...]
034: Norm Engineering is not my coworker
 Have you ever watched people repeatedly do something that you deem to be perfectly crazy, but it's just what[...]
033: Nature’s Elegant Annual Plan
When you hear about strategic planning and developing an annual plan, you probably groan thinking of onerous corporate or government[...]
032: That Margarate Mead Quote…
You've probably heard the Margaret Mead quote a million times. It's the one that starts, "Never doubt...". The fact that[...]
031: The Taylor Swift Model of Figuring Out Who to Vote For and Sharing Your Decisions
 It’s easy to feel cynical about voting in general, let alone the effort to figure out what candidates or[...]
029: The Story of Change… and Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better World
If you’re feeling exhausted by making millions of decisions about shopping and recycling, then this episode will give you hope![...]
030: Longmont’s Belonging Revolution with Dan Benavidez
 The best thing about organizing a team in your community is that you can have one-to-one conversations. In today’s[...]
028: My Top Five Mental Health Tools: New Needs after Deaths in the Family
In honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10, let’s explore how we can bolster our mental health. Each[...]
027: From Eco-Club to Eco-Community: The SMRT Eco-Club in Bristol, England
 Find out how two teachers started an Eco-Club at St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Redcliffe, Bristol, England.[...]
026: Six Ways You Can Help People Actually Vote
 If the U.S. voting population was represented by 10 people. In 2016, 3 voted for Trump. 3 voted for[...]
025: 8 Psychological Strategies to Tackle Climate Change
 Climate change is arguably the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. It’s so big, it’s also likely[...]
024: Colorado Climate, Jobs & Justice Summit with Julia Williams, 350 Colorado
 Walking in a Climate March is both exhilarating and anxiety-producing. It's awesome to see that so many people care,[...]
023: 10 Lessons for Eco-Leaders from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
 The ecological challenges ahead of us are of epic proportions. We can learn a lot by studying successful revolutions[...]
022: New weekly format starting September 5
** Enter by Aug 31, 2018 for the iTunes Podcast Review Contest ** Look for the new podcast format to[...]
020: Dream Big! (Plan later)
 Whatever you do, don’t start out by planning. If you do, you’re likely to set up roadblocks that might[...]
021: The World We Want Is…
 It’s easy to complain about how the world is. How often do we take the time to declare the[...]
019: Can you draw a giraffe? Let the kids show you how
 Every five-year-old kid will jump at the chance to dance, sing or draw. Why can’t most adults? When trying[...]
018: Enough with the People Pleasing Already: It’s Time to Make Someone Uncomfortable
You have things you think people could be doing better: more recycling, better shopping choices, more renewables, different policies. But,[...]
016: Leadership experience required?
What’s stopping you from becoming an eco-leader? If you’re thinking that you need experience as an eco-leader or even as[...]
017: Are you eco-curious? That’s enough!
You don’t need to be an expert to start a green team. Don’t stop yourself by thinking you’re too much[...]
015 How many people does it take to start a movement?
Lessons from "the dancing guy video"... Don’t get discouraged before you even get started. You don’t need a huge group[...]
014: Climate Facts: Warmest Years on Record
 Here are a few facts to share about the warmest years on record. This episode builds on Episode 5’s[...]
013: Don’t just tell. Storytell!
The overall goal of starting a Green Team is to build community and inspire change. The funny thing is that[...]
012: Eco Film List: 200+ Movies for Environmental Activists
  The revolution will not be televised! If you want to become an eco-leader, download my free Eco Film List. Get[...]
011: Don’t Be Naive
My evolution as an eco-warrior was hindered by the fact that I was so naive, for so long. Today’s episode[...]
010: The Myth of Time with Martin Luther King, Jr.
The idea that social ills will just work themselves out over time is a myth. In his March 31, 1968[...]
009: Introducing yourself with your “Hero’s Journey” story
Before giving a presentation, tell your Hero’s Journey story. Include the beginning, middle and end of your journey to show[...]
008: Food Advertising and Poetry: Just Go Home and Eat
Explore the revolutionary act of making food at home with poetry and research. Time-stamped notes: [1:00] Intro [1:30] Poem by[...]
007: Youth Eco-Leaders Melati and Isabel Wijsen and their campaign to end plastic bags in Bali
 This is a beautiful story about two girls who started at age 10 and 12 with the initial goal[...]
006: Biomimicry: Looking to the genius of life for solutions
 Pioneered by Janine Benyus, "Biomimicry" is a way of looking at nature and life as our mentors to find[...]
005: The Most Important and Easiest Climate Action You Can Take
Time-stamped notes: [1:00] Taboo subjects not only restrain discussions, but they constrict solutions too [1:30] All of us can have[...]
004: Tale of Two Cities: Mistakes to Avoid and Strategies to Use
Time-stamped notes: [1:00] Today’s episode is about my experiences trying to get eco-actions going in Niwot and Longmont, Colorado. In[...]
003: Handling Overwhelm with wisdom from the film Joanna Macy and The Great Turning
Green Team Academy Episode 3Handling Overwhelm with wisdom from the film: Joanna Macy and The Great TurningTime-stamped notes:[1:00] Handling overwhelm[...]
002: What is a Green Team? What do Green Teams do?
Find out what a “green team” can be and what green teams can do. [1:00] Where can you participate in[...]
001: Introducing the Green Team Academy Podcast and host Joan Gregerson
** Green Team Academy Podcast Review Contest: Enter by Aug 31 to win eco-prizes! ** Welcome to the Green[...]
Green Team Academy Podcast Trailer
 If you're frustrated and disappointed with the lack of care and attention being shown to our planet and environment,[...]

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