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034: Norm Engineering is not my coworker

 Have you ever watched people repeatedly do something that you deem to be perfectly crazy, but it’s just what everyone does? What if you could switch “normal” and “crazy”? This is the root of solving our environmental challenges. Tune in to find out more about how we can use “norm engineering” to get quicker […]

033: Nature’s Elegant Annual Plan

When you hear about strategic planning and developing an annual plan, you probably groan thinking of onerous corporate or government systems. Instead, how about recognizing that nature uses an elegant annual plan to get things done every year. Time-stamped notes: [1:00] Starting a Green Team can feel overwhelming. [1:30] Have you ever thought about what […]

032: That Margarate Mead Quote…

You’ve probably heard the Margaret Mead quote a million times. It’s the one that starts, “Never doubt…”. The fact that we often don’t comprehend or believe this shows the level of brainwashing that’s taken place. In this teeny, tiny podcast, her quote is the message for the day. Never doubt that a small group of […]

030: Longmont’s Belonging Revolution with Dan Benavidez

 The best thing about organizing a team in your community is that you can have one-to-one conversations. In today’s episode we learn about the Belonging Revolution in Longmont, Colorado. In an interview with Dan Benavidez, we hear how he and Director of Public Safety, Mike Butler, are building community by walking neighborhoods with the […]

027: From Eco-Club to Eco-Community: The SMRT Eco-Club in Bristol, England

 Find out how two teachers started an Eco-Club at St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Redcliffe, Bristol, England. In less than two years, their initiative changed from starting an eco-club to building an eco-community. Their projects include litter patrol, plastic recycling, school gardening, hosting a green event for other schools, and more. Tune […]

026: Six Ways You Can Help People Actually Vote

 If the U.S. voting population was represented by 10 people. In 2016, 3 voted for Trump. 3 voted for Hillary. And 4 didn’t vote. So, the nonvoters won. They chose “I don’t care”. If you do care, and especially if you care about the environment and you’re willing to work for change, let’s talk […]

025: 8 Psychological Strategies to Tackle Climate Change

 Climate change is arguably the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. It’s so big, it’s also likely to trigger depression, stress or other mental health issues. So, what can we do and more immediately, how can we keep our mental health strong as we engage with this challenge? The Australian Psychological Society […]

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