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014: Climate Facts: Warmest Years on Record

 Here are a few facts to share about the warmest years on record. This episode builds on Episode 5’s topic of having more conversations about climate change. While many in the Trump administration are denying the science around climate change, it’s up to us to know the science and be confident sharing it. Green […]

013: Don’t just tell. Storytell!

The overall goal of starting a Green Team is to build community and inspire change. The funny thing is that with humans, simply suggesting a change invokes rebellion more often than a willingness to change. So, what are we to do? Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson Episode 13 Time-stamped notes: [1:00] What happens […]

012: Eco Film List: 200+ Movies for Environmental Activists

  The revolution will not be televised! If you want to become an eco-leader, download my free Eco Film List. Get suggestions for staying calm and cool with yoga and meditation videos. Learn about individual environmental topics: climate action, oceans, fracking, local food, plastic, and garbage. Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson Episode 12 Time-stamped […]

011: Don’t Be Naive

My evolution as an eco-warrior was hindered by the fact that I was so naive, for so long. Today’s episode is a short and sweet message. Instead of being gullible and trusting. be more like an investigative reporter. Don’t be naive. Time-stamped notes [1:00] “Naive” would be a great title for my autobiography, first 50 […]

007: Youth Eco-Leaders Melati and Isabel Wijsen and their campaign to end plastic bags in Bali

 This is a beautiful story about two girls who started at age 10 and 12 with the initial goal of being significant. Through their efforts, the Governor of Bali agreed to help Indonesia be plastic-bag-free by 2018. It’s a story of determination, creativity and commitment. They formed a youth organization, collected petition signatures, gave […]