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003: Handling Overwhelm with wisdom from the film Joanna Macy and The Great Turning

 Green Team Academy Episode 3 Handling Overwhelm with wisdom from the film: Joanna Macy and The Great Turning Time-stamped notes: [1:00] Handling overwhelm is the foundational skill, the foundational challenge of being an eco-leader [2:45] Introducing the film [3:05] Gustav Young: Running through each life is a question [3:30] Excerpt 1: The biggest gift we can give is to be present […]

002: What is a Green Team? What do Green Teams do?

Find out what a “green team” can be and what green teams can do. [1:00] Where can you participate in or start a green team? [1:30] What can green teams do? [2:10] School green teams [2:40] Faith communities [3:05] Workplaces [3:30] Neighborhoods [4:10] Green teams can be driven by passions, skills and needs of each […]

001: Introducing the Green Team Academy Podcast and host Joan Gregerson

** Green Team Academy Podcast Review Contest: Enter by Aug 31 to win eco-prizes! ** Welcome to the Green Team Academy Podcast with your host, Joan Gregerson, Author, Coach and Eco-Nut! [0:55] Welcome [1:15] My story: family, nature, engineering [2:55] Fun and creativity of starting green teams [3:35] Importance of developing emotional and spiritual […]

Green Team Academy Podcast Trailer

 If you’re frustrated and disappointed with the lack of care and attention being shown to our planet and environment, then you’re in the right place. Join your host Joan Gregerson for a daily dose of information and inspiration. In just five to ten minutes per day, you’ll discover how to launch and grow a […]