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GTA 046: How to Talk about Eating Meat

We’ve all seen the data about how many more resources it takes to produce food based on animals, compared to plants. We also know that many animals today are raised in conditions that are abhorrent to the average person, and the pollution from concentrated animal agriculture. But, most Western cultures and others around the world are […]

042: Spirituality & Recovery: What 12-Step Programs and Green Teams Have in Common

​Recently, I’ve been waking up to participate in a daily phone call for a 12-step program related to personal finance and debting.  I’m ​finding that many of the lessons I’m learning apply directly to recovery and spirituality of Green Teams. Tune in to find out how! ​p.s. While you’re here, grab your​ spot on the upcoming live […]

039: Are You the “Green Sheep” of the Family?

​​​Recently, my mild-mannered teacher friend went on a major rant about “red plastic cups.” Listen in to find out why.  ​If you are that kind of person that sees opportunities for improvements, you might feel like the “green sheep” in the family. ​You are going to be frustrated because you don’t fit in. What I want to tell […]