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011: Don’t Be Naive

My evolution as an eco-warrior was hindered by the fact that I was so naive, for so long. Today’s episode is a short and sweet message. Instead of being gullible and trusting. be more like an investigative reporter. Don’t be naive.

Time-stamped notes

[1:00] “Naive” would be a great title for my autobiography, first 50 years.

[1:30] Extrapolated the goodness of those who raised me to our government and others.

[2:50] To be more successful, we need to be more like investigative reporters like Erin Brokovich, Jane Mayer, Anderson Cooper

[3:20] Need to move away from being overly trusting

[3:45] When I hear about things, I’m willing to dig in. Example: commercial pig farming

[4:20] I’d love to hear in the comments: when did you give up the innocence of being trusting

Resource: Erin Brokovich Movie



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