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013: Don’t just tell. Storytell!

The overall goal of starting a Green Team is to build community and inspire change. The funny thing is that with humans, simply suggesting a change invokes rebellion more often than a willingness to change. So, what are we to do?

Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson
Episode 13
Time-stamped notes:
[1:00] What happens when you’re struggling and someone comes up and tells you directly what to do?
[1:30] The point of a green team is to inspire change.
[1:50] Rebellion is an innate response.
[2:20] So, what are we supposed to do?
[2:30] Don’t just tell. Storytell!
[2:40] Listener’s brain lights up in the same way as the storyteller’s does.
[2:55] Human’s brains are wired for storytelling.
[3:05] Stories signal the brain to pay attention.
[3:20] Teach cause and effect, moral of the story
[3:35] Stories make deep, memorable connections.
[4:20] Circumvent tendency to rebel.
[4:30] This is why case studies are more effective than direct recommendations.
[4:40] Example: how to encourage stopping using pesticides


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