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013: Don’t just tell. Storytell!

The overall goal of starting a Green Team is to build community and inspire change. The funny thing is that with humans, simply suggesting a change invokes rebellion more often than a willingness to change. So, what are we to do? Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson Episode 13 Time-stamped notes: [1:00] What happens […]

012: Eco Film List: 200+ Movies for Environmental Activists

  The revolution will not be televised! If you want to become an eco-leader, download my free Eco Film List. Get suggestions for staying calm and cool with yoga and meditation videos. Learn about individual environmental topics: climate action, oceans, fracking, local food, plastic, and garbage. Green Team Academy Podcast with Joan Gregerson Episode 12 Time-stamped […]

011: Don’t Be Naive

My evolution as an eco-warrior was hindered by the fact that I was so naive, for so long. Today’s episode is a short and sweet message. Instead of being gullible and trusting. be more like an investigative reporter. Don’t be naive. Time-stamped notes [1:00] “Naive” would be a great title for my autobiography, first 50 […]