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069: Lesly Baesens – Reducing Food Waste in Denver Restaurants and At Home

Throwing food away is the most heartbreaking waste of all. In this episode, Lesly Baesens, Denver Department of Health & Environment, tells us about Denver Food Matters pilot that is working to reduce food waste in restaurants. You’ll also discover surprising tips and resources for reducing food waste at home.  Contents:1. Meet Lesly Baesens2. Why […]

068: Gardening for All with Kristina Welch, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st

Kristina Welch, Executive Director of the Denver-based nonprofit, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st, shares how they are growing gardens and community in schools and neighborhoods in Metro Denver, Colorado. Meet Kristina Welch, Jovial ConceptsAt age 22, feeling lost and wondering what to do with her life, Kristina Welch came across the documentary Peace One […]

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