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081: What I Learned from Mr. Beast and Russell Brunson

Why start from scratch? Ever!

My goal for you is that you start 90% of the way up the learning curve, even if you’re brand new to a topic. Whether you want to plant 1,000 trees or get your city to go pesticide-free, there’s an easy way to figure out how to do it.

Join me to learn this strategy for identifying 10 exemplary projects. I’ll show you how I’m using lessons from the #teamtrees campaign that YouTuber Mr. Beast started to raise money to plant 20 million trees in just eight weeks. And, what I learned from expert digital marketer, Russell Brunson, on how to use funnel hacking to emulate the best.

Find out how to be part of a bold challenge to help 1,000 people launch eco-initiatives in 90 days!


076: Reducing Dining Waste with the PlasticScore App

Does it irk you to order food, but then get ‘accidental’ plastic? Tune in for my interview with Mladen Gajic, Co-founder and CEO of PlasticScore, a zero-waste rating app for restaurants. Find out how PlasticScore is providing opportunities for diners and restaurants to reduce plastic waste. What Can Be Done about Accidental PlasticIt’s happened to all […]

079: Author Interview, Jerry Yudelson

Tune in for my interview with author, Jerry Yudelson and hear about his eco-spiritual memoir, The Godfather of Green. Released on Earth Day 2020, the book celebrates 50 years of work in the environmental field and his journey as a spiritual seeker.  Meet Jerry YudelsonSocial activist, environmentalist, engineer, spiritual seeker are some of the many hats […]

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