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Recent Episodes

069: Lesly Baesens – Reducing Food Waste in Denver Restaurants and At Home
Throwing food away is the most heartbreaking waste of all. In this episode, Lesly Baesens, Denver Department of Health &[...]
068: Gardening for All with Kristina Welch, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st
Kristina Welch, Executive Director of the Denver-based nonprofit, Jovial Concepts and the Co-Op at 1st, shares how they are growing[...]
067: Ean Thomas Tafoya – Environmental Justice Changemaker
Meet community organizer and environmental and social justice advocate, Ean Thomas Tafoya of Denver, Colorado. This episode is a mash-up[...]
066: Environmental Policymaking: How to Change the Rules of the Game
To be a changemaker, we need to know how to operate on all levels of the engagement ladder, from personal[...]
065: Important Actions for Protecting People and Pollinators
Pollinators are the nearly-invisible workforce that keeps our ecosystems functioning. Tune in to hear how anyone and everyone can make[...]
064: International Coastal Cleanup Day with Dann Diez
Litter that begins anywhere can end up impacting the health of our oceans. Tune in to hear my interview with[...]

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