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Recent Episodes

GTA 048: Greta Thunberg & School Strike for the Climate
Greta Thunberg's life story so far is a profound example of how to be effective. See links and videos below[...]
GTA 047: Frank Holzman on a Spiritual Approach to Gardening
Have you dreamed of starting a community garden in your neighborhood, school, faith community or business? Skip past the common[...]
GTA 046: How to Talk about Eating Meat
We've all seen the data about how many more resources it takes to produce food based on animals, compared to[...]
GTA 045: Ladder of Engagement – The Key to Societal Transformation
* NOTE: I'm working with my podcast hosting service to resolve slow loading in some browsers. Please take a few[...]
044: Elena Magnie is Raising Awareness about Plastic Pollution
​Meet 8-year-old Elena who is raising awareness about plastic pollution, from her home on St. John Island in the Virgin[...]
043: Parenting Priorities and 1.2% of Your Life
​There are seemingly endless demands on a parent's time. But like everyone, parents have 168 hours per week. How do[...]

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