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Recent Episodes

043: Parenting Priorities and 1.2% of Your Life
​There are seemingly endless demands on a parent's time. But like everyone, parents have 168 hours per week. How do[...]
042: Spirituality & Recovery: What 12-Step Programs and Green Teams Have in Common
​Recently, I've been waking up to participate in a daily phone call for a 12-step program related to personal finance[...]
041: Interview with St. Ignatius Loyola Care for Our Common Home
​Have you wondered if your faith community could start a Green Team? Tune in to hear from Mary Ellen Buning[...]
040: Your Epiphany Bridge Story (from Russell Brunson)
​If you start by telling someone a solution, you're going to get nowhere. Instead, start with an "Epiphany Bridge Story".[...]
039: Are You the “Green Sheep” of the Family?
​​​Recently, my mild-mannered teacher friend went on a major rant about "red plastic cups." Listen in to find out why. ​If[...]
038: Green New Deal
Join us for a look at the Green New Deal and what you can do to make it happen, in[...]

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