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Recent Episodes

078: Eco-Cycle Zero Waste Video Series & Initiatives
Tune in for my interview with Jasmin Barco of Eco-Cycle to hear about a video series to help answer your[...]
076: Reducing Dining Waste with the PlasticScore App
Does it irk you to order food, but then get 'accidental' plastic?Tune in for my interview with Mladen Gajic, Co-founder[...]
079: Author Interview, Jerry Yudelson
Tune in for my interview with author, Jerry Yudelson and hear about his eco-spiritual memoir, The Godfather of Green. Released on[...]
075: The Magic of Meetings
Many teams struggle to have an impact due to one simple thing. They're not having regular meetings. Are you facing[...]
074: Rewriting Planet of the Humans
What was Michael Moore trying to do by dropping the film Planet of the Humans on the eve of the[...]
073: Elena Magnie – Kids Can Make a Difference Song
Tune in for a live performance by 10-year-old Elena Magnie. Elena debuts her new song, Kids Can Make a Difference.[...]

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