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043: Parenting Priorities and 1.2% of Your Life

GTA 043 Youtube Parenting Priorities and 1.2 Percent of Your Life

​There are seemingly endless demands on a parent's time. But like everyone, parents have 168 hours per week. How do we choose to spend those hours and why? ​And can we dedicate 1.2% of our life to the environment as part of our overall goal to help ​the younger generations thrive?

Joan Gregerson


Hi Joan,

Ah, lots of work time! I do spend time with kids doing homework, having conversations, we do hockey practice one a week and we like to hike or visit events and different activities on the weekend. I usually try to squeeze in some work out for myself at least once a week and possibly dancing as I am a passionate ballroom dancer.

I hope this was helpful?

    Joan Gregerson

    Ah yes, Michaela, the life of a busy mommy! And you’re fitting in your Green Team time… Sounds like a good balance!

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